What you don’t know

“You’re late,” Dinesh muttered as his wife Priya came home after another hectic day’s work at the hospital where she worked as a senior cardiologist.

“Don’t start again, Dinesh,” Priya angrily retorted. She certainly did not want a fight. At least not tonight.

“This is the second consecutive night you’re late. Not to mention what happened last week and the week before. You always have something or the other come up at the hospital. Do you even know that?” asked Dinesh, not prepared to cede ground.

“I know, Dinesh. There are some things you don’t know. But then how will you? You are always playing that ridiculous game oblivious of what is happening around you!” Priya was now drawn into a full-blown fight.

“That’s not correct. I know what’s happening around me,” a stunned Dinesh tried to defend himself vainly.

“Sadly no, Dinesh. What you don’t know is your father…….your father suffered a massive cardiac arrest this morning. What you don’t know is your mother called on your mobile and on our landline several times and you did not respond. What you don’t know is your mother had a very hard time getting your father to the hospital. What you don’t know is I had to perform surgery on your father which lasted for 14 hours. He will…….he will live.” Priya’s eyes smoldered as she admonished Dinesh for his callousness. Exhausted to do anything, she slumped into the sofa.

Dinesh was dumbfounded as he dropped his joystick on the floor.

Written as part of BARaThon Challenge, Day 2



I'm an avid reader and writer. Reading gets me a feeling of understanding the world through different perspectives and writing helps me outline my thoughts from the cobwebs that the mind has trapped it in!

8 thoughts on “What you don’t know

  1. So well written and sadly, so true as a sign of our times. So many are addicted to their games and electronic devices, oblivious to the people around them. You depicted that very well in your story. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The virtual should never take importance over lives. Well written. However, I doubt if she would be allowed to operate given the relation 🙂 That said, well written 🙂 It draws out so many points to think about. Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

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