“He’s opening me up. Now he’ll take out all the stuff on top of me and fill me over with those and additional stuff. It’s suffocating. I hate it when he does that.”

“I feel I’m tossed up and down. I can’t see or breathe.”

“There, I can see a small patch of light. He is opening me up once again. I guess it means we have made the journey and reached the destination. It’s totally disgusting when his hands grope my insides. Thankfully, he decides what he wants quickly.”

A luggage’s emotions are forgotten in the multitude of journeys.



“You’ve failed the test. Come again in two weeks’ time,” the vehicle inspector curtly told Som.

Som was terribly disappointed that he failed the driving license test. His car had refused to budge an inch.

He thought serendipity was his ally. But it had not come to his rescue that day and the thought bugged him very much over the next two weeks as he refused to eat or sleep properly.

Som was the first to reach the test grounds on D-Day. He was extremely fidgety and almost did not hear his name called out. He completed the initial tests without much fuss but it was the driving stage that was his biggest worry as he got into a car with a group of three other people.

The people before him drove the car successfully and finally it was his turn. The moment he got out of the passenger seat, he felt uneasy seeing how the car was parked. One of its wheels was in a dip. He quickly shrugged off the thought and got into the driver’s seat. It didn’t help him that the vehicle inspector was staring straight at him.

He put the car on ignition and tried to get it into motion. No luck. Moments later, as he held the steering wheel with all hopes lost, the car moved. That was just the stroke of luck Som needed. He made it through the test. Divine intervention or not, he did not know but he could certainly tell for sure that he had done nothing to make the car move.

At the back of his mind, he knew that serendipity had played its part for him. He smiled his way home to tell his parents the happy news.