The Face in the Crowd


Anger and sadness were writ on her face. She was trying hard not to cry out aloud. Using her phone as a mirror, she could make out her disheveled hair and sunken eyes.

A movement not far from where she sat alerted her. She strained her neck. What she saw shamed her too. She made her way through the crowd, found what she was looking for and tapped a young man on the shoulder.

He was equally surprised to see her after eight years. She did not have that haughtiness which she had unfailingly displayed when walking away from their love citing his poor background.

She pulled him towards her and hugged him. Massive floods had ravaged her home and she was properly humbled. He had also lost what little he had. Destiny had brought them to the relief camp which was witness to a happy reunion amidst the gloom.

Last week, the state of Kerala in India witnessed the biggest floods in nearly a 100 years. Many parts of the state were isolated leaving hundreds dead and thousands homeless. Relief camps sprouted all over the state as people rallied together to overcome the crisis. This is a fictitious account of what may have happened at one such camp.