7-year-old Fidan writhed in pain as she was rushed to the Emergency Room at a hospital in the southern Syrian city of Deraa. An air raid had ravaged their locality and the cries of grief-stricken people were heard in the corridors of the hospital.

Hours later, Fidan’s parents, both of whom looked injured, noticed their daughter being wheeled out of the Emergency Room and into another restricted area. A nurse tried to pacify them.

A couple of days later, they were allowed to see Fidan. Her cherubic face was now filled with marks of a dastardly act.

A doctor suddenly appeared along with another person, carrying a case with them. They pulled out something, which her parents or Fidan couldn’t identify.

“We couldn’t save her legs. She would need prosthetic legs to walk again and we can fit these in a few months,” the doctor said kindly.

Fidan looked at the doctor and then her parents with an expression that bordered between incredulity and anguish. Outside, a fresh wave of attacks had begun.