The Light of Life


Penury had its severe hold;
A dark and scary path ahead.
Empty bowls stared at them,
Hunger pangs shooting through.

Despair had nothing to say,
But willed weak tears to flow.
Between life and death was,
Just a little path to cross.

Then they heard the footsteps;
And saw the plates and glasses.
Their saviors had come at last;
To help see the light of life again.

Linking this with #WednesdayVerses as I join Vinay and Reema on a weekly journey of poems. The prompt for this week is ‘Light’.

Our Resolution


Dried leaves breaking away,
Is a resolution to be back green.
A sweet kiss goodnight,
Is a resolution to see tomorrow.
The troubles of today,
Is a resolution for happy tidings.
The sky is not alone in blackness;
Stars bond in perfect fellowship.
Promises take time to fruition;
But they will eventually.
It should be our resolution,
To move heaven and earth.
For when promise is perfected,
We’ll soar on its wings.

Linking this with #WednesdayVerses as I join Vinay and Reema on a weekly journey of poems. The prompt for this week is ‘Resolutions in Verse’.