The Light of Life


Penury had its severe hold;
A dark and scary path ahead.
Empty bowls stared at them,
Hunger pangs shooting through.

Despair had nothing to say,
But willed weak tears to flow.
Between life and death was,
Just a little path to cross.

Then they heard the footsteps;
And saw the plates and glasses.
Their saviors had come at last;
To help see the light of life again.

Linking this with #WednesdayVerses as I join Vinay and Reema on a weekly journey of poems. The prompt for this week is ‘Light’.


Our Resolution


Dried leaves breaking away,
Is a resolution to be back green.
A sweet kiss goodnight,
Is a resolution to see tomorrow.
The troubles of today,
Is a resolution for happy tidings.
The sky is not alone in blackness;
Stars bond in perfect fellowship.
Promises take time to fruition;
But they will eventually.
It should be our resolution,
To move heaven and earth.
For when promise is perfected,
We’ll soar on its wings.

Linking this with #WednesdayVerses as I join Vinay and Reema on a weekly journey of poems. The prompt for this week is ‘Resolutions in Verse’.


Christmas Musings


I am celebrating the spirit of Christmas with the #UnwrapChristmas blogpost chain. I am thankful to Ankita Shukla for passing on the baton of spreading Christmas joy and spirit to me.

My first memory of Christmas was when I was probably 7 years old. The carols quite grabbed my attention; as did Santa Claus. The red and white of the Santa was quite an attractive combination and the snowy white beard added to the appeal. I was hooked to Santa Claus. From then on, Christmas was something I looked forward to – for the stars, the decorations, Santa and of course the scrumptious cakes!

For me, Christmas is a time to reflect on the year that has gone by and prepare myself for a new beginning. With just a week separating Christmas and New Year, it’s that time of the year when I think most about the good and bad things I did. Christ’s birth and the good deeds he did is always inspiring. I think the timing of Christmas couldn’t be any better. Every year is not the same; some end quite well while others go the opposite direction. Either way, this time of the year means so much to me – to thank for the good times I had and to hope for good times ahead.

It’s also a time I see a lot of warmth and love. It’s infectious and I also end up paying it forward. The happiness and contentment that you get by spreading joy all around is indescribable. I tend to think a lot on why we cannot do this all through the year and not just for Christmas. We are so bogged down by life and its vagaries that we fail to make that little time, that subtle adjustment which can change hatred to love, sorrow to joy and enmity to friendship. The spirit of Christmas may be an intangible thing; however, when you channel that to actions that are directed at the common good, what you see is a remarkable, tangible change around you. I wish people appreciated this more and converted the spirit of Christmas to what I call ‘Spirit of Human Lifetime’.

Lastly, Christmas reminds me to be happy. When I see all the colors around, the beautiful music and the bubbly Santa, I feel happy for being alive. Christmas has a way of channeling the morose me into a happy me. I think it’s very important to be happy because it makes us positive. Being positive helps us appreciate the colors around us, the happiness around us, and be very much a part of it. All festivals have this uncanny ability to drive your sorrows away and make you happy in the present. Christmas is the last festival of the year, and that is an additional reason for me to be happy and peaceful. Life can wait, there is Christmas around now!

Wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas!

I now invite Ramya Rao to carry forth the Christmas cheer.

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Unity Lessons


They filed out of the ant-hill in a line. Rishabh’s eyes were transfixed on the ants as they made their journey. A loud voice from inside the home jolted him from his reverie.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” his father was shouting.

“What the hell is wrong is with you?” he heard his mother shout back.

Rishabh felt sadness welling up inside him. His parents seemed incapable of stopping their fights.

The ants were now inside the home in their unified, undisturbed line. Rishabh had a wry smile on his face as he wondered if they ever quarreled.



“He’s opening me up. Now he’ll take out all the stuff on top of me and fill me over with those and additional stuff. It’s suffocating. I hate it when he does that.”

“I feel I’m tossed up and down. I can’t see or breathe.”

“There, I can see a small patch of light. He is opening me up once again. I guess it means we have made the journey and reached the destination. It’s totally disgusting when his hands grope my insides. Thankfully, he decides what he wants quickly.”

A luggage’s emotions are forgotten in the multitude of journeys.



“You’ve failed the test. Come again in two weeks’ time,” the vehicle inspector curtly told Som.

Som was terribly disappointed that he failed the driving license test. His car had refused to budge an inch.

He thought serendipity was his ally. But it had not come to his rescue that day and the thought bugged him very much over the next two weeks as he refused to eat or sleep properly.

Som was the first to reach the test grounds on D-Day. He was extremely fidgety and almost did not hear his name called out. He completed the initial tests without much fuss but it was the driving stage that was his biggest worry as he got into a car with a group of three other people.

The people before him drove the car successfully and finally it was his turn. The moment he got out of the passenger seat, he felt uneasy seeing how the car was parked. One of its wheels was in a dip. He quickly shrugged off the thought and got into the driver’s seat. It didn’t help him that the vehicle inspector was staring straight at him.

He put the car on ignition and tried to get it into motion. No luck. Moments later, as he held the steering wheel with all hopes lost, the car moved. That was just the stroke of luck Som needed. He made it through the test. Divine intervention or not, he did not know but he could certainly tell for sure that he had done nothing to make the car move.

At the back of his mind, he knew that serendipity had played its part for him. He smiled his way home to tell his parents the happy news.

Heartprints Are Forever


“Look at this! Do you remember?” Kavitha asked Sandeep looking at a photograph of their son.

“Oh yes, this was right after he got his first toy car,” Sandeep responded.

Their son’s laughter, his naughty pranks, his tantrums all played before them as they looked at several pictures.

On his birthday, the parents were very grateful for the heartprints of their young son. A sudden mysterious illness and death had cast its vicious spell on the little boy a few years back. Even as they missed him terribly, Kavitha and Sandeep realized that those heartprints would stay with them forever.

I’m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge. The prompt for the final day of the challenge, Day 9, is ‘Heartprints’.