Heartprints Are Forever


“Look at this! Do you remember?” Kavitha asked Sandeep looking at a photograph of their son.

“Oh yes, this was right after he got his first toy car,” Sandeep responded.

Their son’s laughter, his naughty pranks, his tantrums all played before them as they looked at several pictures.

On his birthday, the parents were very grateful for the heartprints of their young son. A sudden mysterious illness and death had cast its vicious spell on the little boy a few years back. Even as they missed him terribly, Kavitha and Sandeep realized that those heartprints would stay with them forever.

I’m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge. The prompt for the final day of the challenge, Day 9, is ‘Heartprints’.



Diamond Ring


The night was beautiful. Stars glittered in the sky watched by a full moon. The clouds had cleared after a downpour a few hours back. Shweta looked up from the balcony of Sagar’s apartment and smiled. It was just the perfect night for her date with him.

“Do you want to hear some music?” Sagar asked while prepping the dishes.

Shweta smiled and nodded her head approvingly.

Soon the room was filled with soft, romantic tunes. Shweta felt very much at ease as Sagar arranged the plates on the table.

The sound of Bon Jovi, however, sent a shiver down Shweta’s spine. When she realized the song was ‘Diamond Ring’, she panicked. Beads of perspiration lined her forehead and neck and she bolted out of the door.

Sagar was clueless at this behavior from Shweta. This was very unlike her, he thought as he followed Shweta down the flight of stairs.

When Shweta looked back to see Sagar pursuing her, she ran faster.

“Shweta, wait! What happened?”

She did not bother to stop. She somehow wanted to reach her place.

Sagar soon caught up with her and asked again, “Why did you run? You were having a good time there.”

Shweta could not respond. She felt claustrophobic. Her hands shivered and she doubled over on the floor.

Alarmed, Sagar patted and consoled her.

“It’s alright. Take it easy!”

In a few minutes, Shweta seemed to recover. The colour of her cheeks returned and she was able to stand up. She felt a little embarrassed at her behaviour towards Sagar.

“I’m sorry, Sagar. It was that song. Diamond Ring.”

“That’s a beautiful song. What in it made you run?”

“That was the same song the guy who molested me played that night six years back.” Shweta managed to say. She was struggling to holding back her tears.

Sagar was speechless. He looked at her with empathy and smiled.

Sometimes, music holds bad memories too, thought Sagar. He held Shweta’s hands in his and together they walked back to his apartment.

I’m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge. The prompt for Day 8 is “Put your music player on shuffle/turn the radio to your favorite station – write a post using the song as your prompt.”


I’m My Monster’s Scourge


A switch flips inside me;
My dark passenger is awake.
A hideous monster he is;
Holding the reins of my mind.

I feel a burning deep inside.
The fire of anger spews out of me,
And spreads its flares all over;
Devouring everything in my vicinity.

I feel him traversing my mind,
Sowing seeds of disappointment.
What I see through my inner eyes,
Is his reflection on my blood.

He builds gates of hell inside me,
Eating slowly away at my sanity.
I have to subdue him with strength,
To halt the onset of depression.

As his needles prick my heart,
A sadness comes over me.
I dig deep to find happy tidings,
And scare him away to a nook.

The monster never goes away,
But hides looking for his day.
Life’s battles are within us;
I’m my monster’s scourge.

I’m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge. The prompt for Day 7 is ‘Monster’.


It’s All in the Mind


“Why don’t you come and sit in the front row?” the teacher asked when she saw the familiar face of Sumit towards the back of the packed auditorium. The lecture was about to begin.

Sumit pondered the question for a moment before emphatically saying, “No, Madam. Thanks!”

The teacher was surprised. She went up to him, smiled, patted his shoulder and turned back to start the lecture.

Sumit opened his laptop and the message on his wallpaper instantly made him smile. It was his favorite quote from Brene Brown and he could feel his inner voice read it:

“You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both.”

It was a quote which inspired him to choose the battleground of courage over the sympathy of comfort. He would not allow paraplegia to be a deterrent. Ever.

I’m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge. The prompt for Day 6 is the following quote from Brene Brown – “You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both.”


I’m Disobedient


The little me spilled food on the floor;
In spite of warnings before.
Mother was very angry;
For my act of disobedience.

I solved my math differently;
The teacher had her way.
Caning on my hand followed;
For my act of disobedience.

I wore my dress with freedom;
Frowns and stares ensued.
I received stinging rebukes;
For my act of disobedience.

I took my tuitions happily
Until the master scolded me;
For not spreading my legs wide.
Again, an act of disobedience.

I did my numbers impeccably;
The boss was not happy at all
Because I did not fudge them.
An act of disobedience, again.

Days after my marriage
Came the wrath of my in-laws;
The dowry wasn’t followed up.
Sigh, an act of disobedience.

It has its sturdy hold on me;
Right or wrong it doesn’t see.
Throughout life it follows me,
I’m disobedient – cast in stone.

I’m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge. The prompt for today, Day 5, is ‘Disobedience’.


The House Atop The Hill


The old abandoned house atop the hill was a favorite hangout spot for Nidhi and Alok. They preferred meeting there most evenings. The sunset was one of the attractions. The other was the variety of birds chirping as they headed back to their nests. On rainy days, it was just pure bliss to see the water dripping through the leaves, giving the house a surrealistic feel.

Today, as they stood beside the window on the first floor from where they could get a good view of the sunset, a rustling sound from somewhere inside the house disturbed them. When Nidhi and Alok looked back, they couldn’t see or hear anything at all. They brushed off the disturbance and went back to enjoying the sunset, taking pictures and selfies. A few minutes later, they heard the sound again. This time, when they looked back, they could just see a hooded figure roaming the house. Nidhi and Alok glanced at each other and followed the sinister figure.

“Did you know this house was haunted?” Alok asked in a low voice.

“Haunted? No way!” Nidhi wasn’t game for any such stories.

“I heard a couple were murdered here in the 1970s. That was the period when this house was abandoned. But I haven’t heard any spooky stories yet,” Alok remarked.

The hooded figure appeared again. They noticed that the hood was white. It seemed to flail its arms and walked as if struggling for balance. Nidhi and Alok could feel the tension build up. Suddenly, it disappeared into an adjoining room.

“I guess it’s gone,” Nidhi said.

“Yeah. Let’s leave too, it’s getting darker,” Alok suggested.

“Are you afraid?” Nidhi pulled Alok’s legs.

But when she looked in his eyes, she saw an incredulous expression. Nidhi followed his eyes and saw the hooded figure approaching them with quick steps. Both stood rooted to their position with bated breath.

It appeared to watch them for a while and in an instant, came closer. Then, in a swift motion, the hood came off.

“Happy Friday the 13th!”

It was Neeraj, a mutual friend, who was playing a silly prank on them. He gleefully accepted the admonishments from Nidhi and Alok before they had a nice laugh over what happened. The three of them then set off for the city, eager to munch on their favorite pizza.

I’m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge. The prompt for today, Day 4, is ‘Bated breath’.


Terminal 2


The spaceship’s current routine was perfect. Craig looked at the numbers on the screen and smiled at Vince, his colleague. They would be ahead of time to reach Terminal 2.

A few minutes later, Craig manoeuvred the spaceship to dock up with Terminal 2 nicely and ensured the safety latch was in place. He and Vince entered the terminal and proceeded towards the supply room.

They quickly collected their supplies. Craig winked at Vince and turned towards Rebecca, who was manning the room. Vince punched in a few codes on the main keyboard. Meanwhile, Craig smiled at Rebecca as gallantly as he could and asked her,

“Will you marry me?”

He then pulled out a beautiful ring from his suit.

Rebecca blushed and said, “Yes!”

The entire Terminal 2 was now watching on their screens as loud cheers erupted.

I’m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge. The prompt for Day 3 is ‘Terminal’.


Noel’s Nostalgia


Night had fallen a long time back. Traffic continued unabated and the light and sound show of the vehicles on the road made strange designs on the curtains. Noel woke up muttering under his breath. It took a while for him to get his bearings.

He checked his watch and saw that it was past 11 PM. He went to the bathroom. The smell of dried blood was unmistakable. He had shaved earlier that evening and cut himself in the process but had forgotten to wash his razor where some blood had attached itself.

He washed his face and hair and stood upright. 12 years of jail did nothing to temper Noel’s killer instincts. Where others would be put-off at the smell of blood, he was nostalgic. Memories of the last kill he had made was still fresh. The adrenaline rush when he made each kill was a surprise even to him. He knew he had to indulge in another serial-killing soon. This time, he did not want to get caught. He would go solo so no one would get a chance to rat him out to the police.

The night was still inviting when Noel stepped out. The moon hid behind the clouds seemingly at his ominous presence on the streets. He slickly hid his dagger in his coat and walked, a cruel smile lining the contours of his face.

I’m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge. The prompt for Day 2 is ‘Nostalgic’.


The Bell Fruit Tree


The bell fruit tree had flowered, Smriti noticed that morning. The sapling was a beautiful gift from her best friend Arpan several years back. She looked at the series of pictures of the tree she had drawn. A wry smile crossed her lips when she looked at the years scribbled below the pictures. Arpan’s calls always came during the years the tree had not blossomed. He was an adventurer, travelled unknown places and did not call regularly. She wondered about the mysterious connection between the tree and the frequency of his calls before getting caught up in the chores of everyday life.

Smriti was peeling onions for lunch when she heard her daughter come in to the kitchen.

“Amma, there’s a call for you – it’s an unknown number.”

Smriti took the phone from her and was pleasantly surprised to hear Arpan at the other end.

“But the bell fruit tree flowered this time. How come you are calling me?” she asked with bewilderment.

“What?” it was Arpan’s turn to be shocked.

Coming to her senses, Smriti realized that Arpan didn’t know anything about what she was saying. She filled him in on everything and they had a hearty laugh at the end.

“That was a magic sapling, Smriti. When it blossoms, I don’t and when it doesn’t, I do. This time we decided to blossom together for a change. You see the connection now, don’t you?” Arpan pulled Smriti’s legs.

The pattern was broken. Smriti’s day was made as well.

 I’m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge.