The Sirius Coincidence

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The diyas were majestic. The night sky was adorned with stars and looked beautiful. It was as if Diwali had extended its festivity up there. Tanvi watched her little brothers playing gleefully with crackers. Her parents were in an excited talk with her uncles. A happy Diwali. But she missed Sirius, her pet dog. It was exactly a year since he went missing. She felt sad that no one mentioned Sirius that day.

Tanvi walked aimlessly on the grounds rubbing her hands together as the night turned cold. She looked up and smiled as she saw the outline of Sirius, the dog star. It was not very bright but she could discern the pattern. A good omen, she thought.

The sound of crackers and chatter slowly tapered off and she decided to go back inside when she saw a car pull up outside and drop something on the ground. A strong urge pulled Tanvi towards the gate and as she neared it, she was shocked. There he was, Sirius, wagging his tail. Tanvi ran to hug her pet. Happy Diwali indeed for her Sirius had returned.

As she led Sirius inside, she looked up and found the dog star brighter.

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The coffee shop was not too crowded yet, Amay realized as he stepped inside. He ordered banana fritters, a veg roll and coffee. He collected the items and like every day, placed the plate and the cup of coffee on a corner table, sat down and took out his phone to catch up on social media.

As he looked around, he saw that everyone else had at least one companion. He was the only one alone. Amay’s heart sank. He realized how much he had longed for friends to hang out with.

He consoled himself by talking to his heart.


The turnout was thirty-five people. He was immensely proud that there were so many volunteers for the event. As his gaze turned past the first few people, he thought he saw a familiar face.

No, it couldn’t be, he said to himself. He looked again. The silvery hair was unmistakable. As was his gait.

He walked quickly. When he saw the face clearly, he was stunned. Grandpa. He had run away from home; from his bullying son.

“Grandpa,” he called out. The old man turned his eyes towards the source of the voice. He barely seemed to recognize his grandson.

The Change

He sent her reminders every day. She did not respond. Her busy life and forgetful nature was at the back of his mind. He sincerely hoped she would help him with the letter.

As the days passed, she did not respond. He stopped reminding her as well.

Deep inside, he was sad. With an unboastful mind, he thought about the things he had done for her over the years. He had hoped that one day she would do a single favor for him which would illuminate a thousand lights in his mind.

Slowly, his attitude towards her changed to aloofness.


The first time I heard about Wembley was in 1990 during the Italy World Cup (incidentally one of the most boring World Cups I have ever seen). There was an article about England’s 1966 win over West Germany in a newspaper or sports magazine. The name of the stadium kind of reverberated in my mind because it was such a unique name for a football stadium. There was something aristocratic about that name; one would think only royalty played there! I later learned that it was named after the place in which it was located in London.

As I read about 1966 and Geoff Hurst’s hattrick, England’s strange but successful wingless attack, the controversial goal, I was instantly attracted to Wembley. I was getting attracted to a certain Manchester United club also during the same period. The first match at Wembley I saw on TV was the highlights of the 1994 FA Cup final where Manchester United beat Chelsea 4-0 to win the trophy. It was not a great match but I was really happy to see United playing a lot better in the second half and scoring 4 goals. The crowd was another thing I noticed – I think the stands were packed nearly full and about 80,000 odd people turned up to watch the game. I also recall the 1999 FA Cup Final just a few days before they won the Champions League. True to United’s superb form that year, they beat Newcastle United 2-0 to clinch the title.

Among non-Manchester United games, I think Wembley brings to mind the 1996 Euro Cup final between dark horses Czech Republic and Germany. For a moment, it looked like Germany would eat humble pie but their experience saved them the blushes as Oliver Bierhoff scored late in the second half and the winner during extra time to help Germany win the coveted trophy.

I was very disappointed when authorities decided to dismantle the stadium in favor of the New Wembley Stadium in 2003. The new stadium was opened in 2007 but for some reason it lacked the old world charm even as it looked magnificent. The seating capacity of the new stadium is 90,000 and it has all the modern technologies. But the towers of the old stadium were iconic and that is terribly missed in the new stadium.

Strangely, there haven’t been much memorable moments at the new stadium save for Lionel Messi’s brilliance in their 2011 Champions League final win over Manchester United. I guess with the old stadium they buried the X factor of the stadium as well!

Football legend Pele said this once about Wembley: “Wembley is the cathedral of football. It is the capital of football and it is the heart of football”. Of course, he was talking about the old stadium which saw many memorable games and featured some of the world’s greatest players. The same cannot be said about the new stadium yet. I do hope the new stadium also lives up to the old in due course. It is only 9 years old, so as it steps out of childhood and into teenage and youth, we can expect some memorable matches like the ones witnessed in a previous era. Footballers need to once again earn the right to play in Wembley and redeem its aristocracy once again.

Omelette Reminiscences

Amar woke up to the rays of the sunlight streaming through the curtains. He realized that everything was different, even waking up. Aravind, his best friend and roommate for the past seven years, had departed the previous night to the US to take up a new job.

The first thing that came to his mind on thinking about breakfast was Omelette. The ones Aravind used to make was fresh in his mind. There was not a better Omelette. Looking at his Omelette, he knew instantly that he would miss Aravind and his cooking. He sighed and switched off the stove.

The Son

The old couple were amazed at the sight before their eyes. The dining table was full of their favorite dishes and desserts. They smiled at each other and tucked into the delectable treat. The couple realized that they could not thank Raju enough. Since the young man had come into their home a few weeks back, he had seen to all their needs. Their love for Raju was so much that they started calling him son.

But they were sad that their only son did not bother to call them. Sometimes, there is more to life than blood, they pondered.