Matters of the Mind

As 2015 draws to a close, I could not but keep thinking about a few things which have preoccupied my mind for the past few months. The pull of the mind is something that has fascinated me always. The mind is like a balance, weighing the pros on the one side and the cons on the other. I think my experiences and limitations have shaped my mind a lot, so much that it always factors those into account! My mind, for me, is like me within me – a guardian angel telling me what’s right and what’s wrong. More often than not, I have followed it to perfection – well, near perfection. I believe I have a sixth sense; it has put me in good stead since I started listening to it. I don’t really remember when I started doing that but seems like a long time. When I have only half a mind to do something, I speak to myself (yes, I do that very often with some hilarious consequences – more on that in another post) and try to decide what’s best for the situation and myself. My mind is sometimes quick – flashes of thoughts keep pouring in a matter of seconds. It’s slow at other times – there is this thing gnawing at my brain like a dinosaur from the Triassic age (if at all I am going to be devoured by a dinosaur, I wish it would be at the hands of the velociraptor) and I can only think slowly, trying to get rid off the thoughts and also unsure what to do. When my mind is on the positive things, that’s when I think I’m at my best behavior; the visible behavior to people around me. But strangely when I’m not feeling good, when I’m down for some matter or the other, that’s when I’m at my creative best. That’s when I can write stories and other stuff. My mind has given me a brilliant – no, I’m not praising myself but I have an IQ of 161 🙂 – idea of something I intend to do every day in 2016. There is a plan and over the next 18 days of 2015, I will develop that into something which, hopefully I can share with all of you. Hope you like my mind – even if you don’t, that’s fine 🙂