The Wind


I like the wind.
That blows in hope and melancholy.
That does not care about caste;
Or is not a perverted soul.
Sometimes it’s the wind of love,
On others, it’s one of adieu.
The wind that is powerful,
To uproot men and god-men alike.
It discerns my loneliness and
Is happy at the friends I make.
It makes you forget for a moment;
The memories you wish to erase forever.
Sometimes it thrills you,
With the sweetest reminiscences you ever had.
It’s the respire of people who walked before;
Or the invisible hand that pats on your back,
And says – Never be a quitter, ever.
But I think the wind may also be lonely;
Be that as it may, it has me for comradeship,
Yesterday, Today and perhaps tomorrow.

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A Friendship’s Wail


I thought we would never break up;
But destiny had other plans.
I still wonder what came between us,
To scuttle a beautiful camaraderie.
My heart did a somersault,
As I came to grips with the present.
There were tears at the memories we made.
A rueful smile at what could have been.
The days were suddenly a barren pot;
A parched earth beseeching an oasis.
The died conversations struggled,
To redeem and rise like a phoenix.
I thought it was all a bad dream,
Soon disappearing into the recesses of time.
Our friendship has only gone to slumber;
One day it will wake up and show us,
A beautiful morning of rainbowed rapport!
Until then, I wait with prayers on my lips.

It has been two months since I broke up with a very dear friend. She had been a source of encouragement and a lot of fun too. It has been hard, but I hope that I will wake up from this bad dream and take our friendship forward. I hope she also feels the same.

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