The Exception


Abbas hoped he was not late. Zoya had sounded depressing on the phone. A delayed flight and a longer than expected layover had frayed his nerves.

The door was open. Strange, he thought. The house was eerily silent. As he climbed the stairs, he felt uneasy. He could hear his stomach grumbling.

When he entered Zoya’s room, he couldn’t find her. He looked around and saw a note on her writing desk. Abbas read it, but absent-mindedly aloud.

“When my spirit sags, I look around and see no one. It’s like being abandoned in a big ground and you don’t know where the exit is. Friends are just green lights on social media. Their lights don’t reach you when you want it. Except there’s one…”

“Happy Birthday, Abbas!” a loud cheer sent him off-balance. “I had you fooled there for a moment, didn’t I?” Zoya was beside herself with joy.

Abbas was immensely relieved. Zoya had managed to fox him to come down to India for his birthday, yet again.

Written as part of Writing Wednesdays on Write Tribe.