The rains were bountiful that summer. Every part of the city was flooded. 8-year-old Aman looked out of his window and was happy at the sight. He soon set about making some paper boats.

Pleased with what he made, he opened the door. The floods hadn’t entered their home. He knew if the rains continued unabated, then they would need to move upstairs.

Aman kneeled and put one of his boats in the water. It soon set sail. He beamed as he watched it and set the next one in.

“Can I play with you?” he heard a voice behind him. Looking back, he saw it was their new neighbor who had moved in a couple of days before. His shorts were wet – he had waded through the water to reach Aman.

“Sure. It’ll be fun!” Aman gladly extended a couple of boats to his new friend.

The boy hesitated. Aman stretched his hands again.

“Can you put the boats down?” the boy asked.

Aman was confused but placed the boats down. He watched the boy use the fingers on his feet to put the boats in the water. Aman was awed by this skill and a grin formed in his mouth.

The grin vanished when he noticed that the boy didn’t have both hands. Aman vacantly looked at the happy and contented face of the boy.

“Why did you stop? Come, let’s race our boats!” the boy said excitedly.