The Surprise


The alarm clock buzzed 6 AM as Aparna extended her hands lazily to switch it off. She felt something when she pulled her hand back. Rubbing her eyes and slowly opening it, she found a torn piece of paper beside the clock on her bed.

When she looked at it she couldn’t understand anything though. She looked at it closely and found that it contained some directions. Shrugging off the last vestige of sleep from her eyes, she quickly set out to make sense of the map. She realized after the next reading that it was her own home that had been mapped and there was a spot marked in bright red as well.

Criss-crossing the house animatedly, Aparna was the center of attraction of the house. From her grandmother to their gardener, everyone wanted to know what was up. There were offers of help from her father and grandfather but Aparna was adamant she would get to the bottom of this herself.

About an hour later, an exclamation of delight from her room brought everyone to their feet. Aparna stood beaming with a cute teddy and pair of beautiful earrings. She looked around and saw the person she was looking for.

“Thank you, bhayya!” she ran and hugged her brother Aparajit.

Aparajit smiled proudly as his plan worked to perfection. He knew a treasure hunt was a sure way of surprising his little sister for Rakhi.

Bhayya – brother
Rakhi – a festival which celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6. The theme for Day 3 is ‘Feature a map and write about a place either real or virtual’