The Search


The temple compound was crowded. Being the month of karkidakam, there was a big rush to worship Guruvayurappan. Ved did not feel so. He glanced a dance performance nearby and decided to watch it until his wife and mother returned from prayers.

As he dusted off a seat, Ved felt a hand on his shoulder. An old woman asked him affectionately, “Devansh?”

He smiled and said, “No, aunty. I’m not Devansh.”

The color faded from her face. “Not my son Devansh, are you?”

Ved stood motionless.

The woman smiled weakly and walked off in the direction of the temple entrance.


karkidakam – the last month of the Malayalam almanac
Guruvayurappan – a form of Lord Vishnu, considered the presiding deity of Guruvayur temple

Picture Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons