The enticing mix of flowers, rain and love

When you come to think of it, there is nothing quite like a father-daughter relationship. I cannot vouch for the chemistry the relationship evokes as I have two sons. But when I see my niece and her father together, I envy it but feel extremely happy as well. There’s that inexplicable bond, the invisible pull to it which only a father and daughter can explain and experience. I recently read a short story that captures the beauty of this. The story appears in an anthology – ‘Shades of Life 2: The Love for Colors’ in which yours truly has also been extremely lucky to be a part of.

‘Malligai’ is a story bursting with colors. The best color is of course the one which Selvam and Malligai give out. A relationship is tested the most in the face of adversity. How that test unfolds is what the story is all about. A combination of malligaipoo, kanakambaram, rain and love is something not to be missed at all. With the interesting style used for the narration, there’s plentiful drama of which I’m not going to reveal anything. The writers have done their homework well in using this style.

The characters have been very well drawn that they are perched in the branches of your mind long after you have completed it. The story tells us quite loudly that the people we meet in our lives have a role to play. It doesn’t matter if iis minuscule or large or if it lasts only for a few hours or for the rest of our lives. The role is forever stitched into our hearts – an imprint to carry to our graves.

The imagery is top-notch. Right from start to finish, it gives you a feeling that you are alongside the main characters watching them go through their exasperating ordeal. I think it is very important for a short story to keep the reader engaged throughout and this imagery is one thing that really gets you hooked on to it from the first sentence. At the end of it all, you realize with a smile that true love and true bonding remains taut despite all that life throws at you.

‘Malligai’ is one exciting ride – one which I truly enjoyed taking. A few days back as I saw my niece cuddled with her father, I couldn’t help recalling Malligai and Selvam. That’s the kind of impact the story has had on me. Vinay Leo and Bhavya, kudos for the story you have created together. And I’m giving you a rating of 4 on 5 for this beautiful tale. I leave out one mark because perfection is always a notch higher.



I'm an avid reader and writer. Reading gets me a feeling of understanding the world through different perspectives and writing helps me outline my thoughts from the cobwebs that the mind has trapped it in!

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