Alexa threw down her paintbrush for the umpteenth time. She was falling behind in submitting her entry to the painting competition at her college. The theme was Cloud. She had perched herself on top of the hillock with her painting paraphernalia and attempted to sketch the dark clouds that had hovered over. Each time she looked up, she remembered her brother, her biggest supporter, who had died the previous summer.

As she sat down on an outcrop, she felt someone pulling at her jeans. It was her brother’s dog, Carmichael. He picked up the paintbrush and handed it to Alexa. She was suddenly inspired. She had to do this for her brother. As she got up, some of the dark clouds had parted and a beautiful sunlight was streaming through, creating a surreal effect. She thanked Carmichael and started sketching. A week later, she was holding aloft the winner’s trophy.



I'm an avid reader and writer. Reading gets me a feeling of understanding the world through different perspectives and writing helps me outline my thoughts from the cobwebs that the mind has trapped it in!

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