The Sirius Coincidence

This post has been published by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton 58; the fifty-eighth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with Saravana Kumar Murugan, the editor of Shades Of Life book series.

The diyas were majestic. The night sky was adorned with stars and looked beautiful. It was as if Diwali had extended its festivity up there. Tanvi watched her little brothers playing gleefully with crackers. Her parents were in an excited talk with her uncles. A happy Diwali. But she missed Sirius, her pet dog. It was exactly a year since he went missing. She felt sad that no one mentioned Sirius that day.

Tanvi walked aimlessly on the grounds rubbing her hands together as the night turned cold. She looked up and smiled as she saw the outline of Sirius, the dog star. It was not very bright but she could discern the pattern. A good omen, she thought.

The sound of crackers and chatter slowly tapered off and she decided to go back inside when she saw a car pull up outside and drop something on the ground. A strong urge pulled Tanvi towards the gate and as she neared it, she was shocked. There he was, Sirius, wagging his tail. Tanvi ran to hug her pet. Happy Diwali indeed for her Sirius had returned.

As she led Sirius inside, she looked up and found the dog star brighter.

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