Silly superstitions

I’m a crazy person as people close to me would vouch. There are a lot of things which make me crazy but after reading this, you would certainly dub me super crazy. Here are five of my silly superstitions:

1. On my study table, I keep my watch to the right side of my wallet.

2. I drink exactly four mouthfuls of water before going to bed every night.

3. I don’t shave my beard on days when the Indian cricket team or Manchester United are playing.

4. I count numbers when having a bath.

5. I cut my fingernails with a nail-cutter for the right hand and scissors for the left hand.

I know these are outrageously silly, yet I am not myself without these. I’m not sure when I started many of these but once it started, there has been no looking back.



I'm an avid reader and writer. Reading gets me a feeling of understanding the world through different perspectives and writing helps me outline my thoughts from the cobwebs that the mind has trapped it in!

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