Rivals in United colors

As you have probably deciphered from my past posts, I’m an avid Manchester United fan. I’ve been following the team for the past two and a half decades or so and nothing gives me more joy than watching them succeed. A football team is made up of its players and the Red Devils have seen quite a galaxy of stars adorning its red and white colors.

There are a number of ways a team can improve and perhaps the best way is to bring in players who the management thinks can contribute towards the success of the team which is winning trophies. It’s a tricky proposition – bringing in players, releasing some of the others in the process, giving players on loan to other clubs etc. The bottom-line is the balance of the team should be intact. This is the reason a lot of emphasis is placed on the astuteness of the buys, sells and loans. In this post I’m going to list out 4 rival players who I would have in United colors, who in the current United squad they would replace and why. Sounds interesting, eh? Read on, folks.

The players I would have at Old Trafford are Mesut Ozil from Arsenal, Martin Skrtel from Liverpool, Sergio Aguero from Manchester City and Eden Hazard from Chelsea. They would replace Marouane Fellaini, Daley Blind, Memphis Depay and Morgan Schneiderlin respectively.

Ozil is fast, a superb thinker and has an excellent record as a playmaker. He has repeatedly shone for Arsenal since he joined them in 2013. I’ve often felt he is the right man in the wrong team. His midfield prowess would be far deadlier and effective than Fellaini. This is not to underrate Fellaini, but Ozil has a much greater success percentage than him.

Skrtel is a quick, rounded defender, one which the current United side is lacking. He would be a great replacement for Daley Blind, who has played out of position for too long at United and consequently became inconsistent in his performance. I hear he is considering moving out, so Skrtel would be a nice and effective substitute, who is quite aggressive as well.

Sergio Aguero is one of the best forwards you can see in the English Premier League. His ability to convert even half-chances speaks volumes of his abilities as a finisher. Just when you think he is down, he pounces on that subtlest moment of complacency to put it past the defenders and the goalkeeper. I think United will be blessed to have this clinical striker in its ranks for the woefully out of form Memphis Depay. Louis van Gaal’s poor man-management skills meant that Depay did not get as many games as he would have liked to, leaving him thoroughly disillusioned. Some fresh energy in the form of Aguero would be a perfect foil for the young duo of Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial.

Eden Hazard is a very highly rated midfielder. His forte in the wings will be a great asset to United. With his technique and ability to understand the nuances of the game, I feel he will bring an added dimension to a United squad raring to go under Jose Mourinho. Hazard can complement Wayne Rooney immensely as his role has been re-defined in midfield. Morgan Schneiderlin’s indifferent season means he has to make way for Hazard.

I think with these replacements we will have a pretty strong squad that can challenge for titles. The following starting eleven would look nice, wouldn’t it?:

De Gea, Varela, Skrtel, Smalling, Herrera, Rooney, Ozil, Hazard, Martial, Rashford, Aguero.



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