#AtoZChallenge – Letter N – Nakhakshathangal


It appears my love for the 80s knows no bounds. For here I’m going back to that era for a post on another letter – this time it is the letter N. The 80s was not just a time when watching TV was a good option, but it was also a time when the big screen was equally, if not more, attractive. A host of great movies hit the screens in those times, with beautiful stories and some memorable performances from the actors.

Nakhakshathangal (1986) was one such movie. M T Vasudevan Nair’s superb story and screenplay were brought to life by the master director Hariharan. A very young Vineeth and Monisha donned the roles of the lead actors ably supported by Thilakan, Jagannatha Varma and Kaviyoor Ponnamma. Of course one cannot forget Saleema who played Lakshmi, a girl afflicted with loss of hearing as well as the ability to speak.

A teenage love story is brought before the audience by the MT – Hariharan combination. This is in the backdrop of the Guruvayoor temple, a favorite place for worshippers of Lord Krishna who himself was the lover extraordinaire. As the lead characters depart Guruvayoor, they have no idea they will end up meeting again. The love story turns triangular and what transpires between the three of them forms the crux of the rest of the movie.

Monisha played her heart out as Gowri. For a person so young and making her debut, Monisha was a revelation. She ended up winning the prestigious National Award for the Best Actress in India. Fame certainly came to her at a very young age only to rob it off her as she passed away tragically in an accident just 6 years later, when she was only 21. Vineeth looked a bit out-of-place initially as Ramu but gradually picked up the nuances of the role as the movie progressed. Saleema played the deaf and dumb Lakshmi with elan, proving that love does not need speech and hearing to find eloquence; it comes from the heart. Thilakan as Ramu’s difficult uncle and Jagannatha Varma as the lawyer and father of Lakshmi played their roles quite well.

The scenes I liked the most are the ones which show the Guruvayoor temple complex as well as the song sequences. ‘Manjal prasaadavum nettiyil charthi’ and ‘Aaareyum bhaavagayakanaakkum’ are such beautiful songs that they are popular even to this day. A critically acclaimed movie, Nakhakshathangal is a poignant take on love especially proving the point that in matters of the heart, the young minds could as easily be touched as the older ones. A must watch movie, especially for today’s generation.

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12 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge – Letter N – Nakhakshathangal

  1. Saleema..I have been trying to find her a name for a few days now.. And here you give me the answer.. 🙂 there is a family inside story of how I used to song this song .. Whenever it is played my parents play me during those days 🙂 I also like that other film she acted in along with vinith, Parvathy and devan.. Where vineeth is killed.. Beautiful film…

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        1. Yes athuthane… I always forget the name of the film..but remember the story ..and that song she sings in the jungle.. Chitra sang.. Olichirikan.. But what a predicament that film shows.. Beautiful story ..

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