#AtoZChallenge – Letter J – Jayanth


When this challenge started, I had decided that the letter J would be for my younger brother. There wasn’t really any competition from any other topics for this letter unlike the other letters where I’ve had to think hard before taking a decision on what to write on.

Me and my brother are three years apart. He is a Gemini as opposed to the Taurean that I am. The only similarity we have is that we were both born in the month of May. Take anything else for comparison and you’ll find that we are as different as chalk and cheese.

The fondest memory I have of our childhood is one where one day, we were halfway on our way to school and suddenly we come to know from other school-mates that there would be no class that day. We were so thrilled that we played our hearts out as soon as we reached home, breaking only for lunch and the evening tea. That day is still so clear in my mind even after so many years. There were some really superb days like those. One rainy season, we had come across a tortoise whom we immediately befriended and decide to make our pet. Unfortunately, in spite of all the care we took, the tortoise was not to be seen after a couple of days. Needless to say, we both were shattered.

I remember we used to fight a lot and gave a real torrid time to our parents. Looking back, I realize we were just being brothers. We always had our differences of opinion but I think it never entered a realm of imposing one’s ideas on the other. We each had our own space and the other was careful no to violate that.

Until school ended, it was all fun. When he started pursuing his bachelors in engineering, I think I missed him a lot as he used to study out of town. Things were never really the same again. He is now chasing his dreams at Oxford searching/researching life outside Earth as well as other astrophysics interests. I was really proud to see this in the University of Oxford website:


He tries to come home whenever time and money permit. I know he is delighted when he sees my kids and that he would actually spend more time with them if he just had the time at his disposal. Seeing them play, I am sometimes taken back to our own childhood and those good old days. I really hope we get to be those delighted schoolkids celebrating a no-school day again!

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