#AtoZChallenge – Letter I – Irene Adler


Sherlock Holmes is one character I like a lot. His deductive reasoning has inspired me to a great extent and I have read all his mysteries several times, each time gaining a new insight into his brilliant mind. The only thing I found off about the detective was his lack of interest in getting married or falling in love.

There is a character called Irene Adler, who appears only in one of his adventures – ‘A Scandal in Bohemia’. It’s a story in which Irene outwits Holmes. He is left with only a picture of Irene that she leaves behind, which Holmes asks of the King of Bohemia as a reward for his efforts. This is the only mystery in which Holmes has been on the receiving end.

I think Holmes did have romantic feelings for Irene, which could probably be the reason why he asked for her picture from the King. Sadly, Irene does not appear in any of his subsequent adventures and Holmes appears cold and indifferent when it comes to women. Perhaps, deep inside, he might have harbored hopes that Irene would one day return to London.

There are a lot of derivative works featuring Holmes which portray Irene as his better half. But, to be honest, it does not offer any solace to this reader. Why did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle send Irene into oblivion? The question has remained long unanswered. If at all I get a chance to meet Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in afterlife, I will be certain to ask the question!

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