#366days366posts – Day 48 – Some funny Google typos

Ever wanted to type Google on your browser and ended up with some hilarious typos? Well, I have and this piece is all about it. In some cases, there are meanings associated with those typos while in others it is just absolute gibberish.

When my fingers move too fast, Googol is the outcome. It is a term that makes sense, albeit mathematically. Googol is a number written as 1 followed by a 100 zeros! We are lucky our world hasn’t yet come around to using this number for when that happens, our good old excel spreadsheets would become redundant. I don’t think there is yet a significant use for this number except for comparisons with other large (small!) numbers.

There is another one but with extremely divergent results. This is Googel. There are a couple of videos which I think is porn (didn’t open to find out and don’t get any ideas here, the next thing you’ll know is that your computer has been subject to a virus attack). There is something called a Googel search engine (fishy?) as well. It is also a character from Sesame Street, a popular program for children on TV. Dr. Frederic Googel makes an appearance too – he is a dentist from Connecticut. A strangely named game called Under Googel also makes the list. Well, the results are not exactly enlightening as Googol but interesting nevertheless.

Gooleg also displays quite a few results. First up, an urban dictionary which says there aren’t any definitions for gooleg yet. Does that mean that there will be a definition in future? I for sure would like to know what that is. Secondly, there are some family names for Gooleg. Apparently, in 1880 there were 4 Gooleg family members in the territory of Dakota in the US, all of whom were carpenters. I don’t see that information to be of any particular use to me except that there are no Gooleg family members anywhere in the world now. In a matter of 136 years (close to 7 generations), where did they all go? The other results are for some software of which I could not make heads or tails. There are also some results which purports to bust some myths about Google’s name. Sounds fishy, doesn’t it?

Gogol is the last of the lot. There is a domain registered in France with this name and a suspicious search engine too. A wiktionary is also available which says this is a misspelling of googol. It also says that in French, Gogol has a pejorative meaning. There are also references to a couple of villages in Poland, one which starts with Gogol and another one which ends with it. All’s well that ends well, eh? 😀

An extremely popular search engine susceptible to so much misprinting because of those o’s and g’s in its name and which itself provides answers to those typos in a fraction of a second – how awesome is that! The next time you realize you’ve made a mistake with a spelling, try looking up the incorrect spelling and it might be something very informative or it may turn out to be a face-palm moment. So be it, our addled brains need something to laugh out, doesn’t it? 🙂



I'm an avid reader and writer. Reading gets me a feeling of understanding the world through different perspectives and writing helps me outline my thoughts from the cobwebs that the mind has trapped it in!

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