#366days366posts – Day 43 – Sleeping parallels

I’ve often wondered what happens to us when we are sleeping. Unfortunately, one cannot look at oneself when sleeping so that plan is moot. It’s quite fascinating to observe the sleep patterns in children. I have been closely watching my boys – Shraavan (S) and Rishikesh (R) – sleep for the past several weeks. As much as it has been fun to watch, it also gave me some interesting inputs. I’m not sure how to explain some of these.

They are as different as chalk and cheese in their character when they are awake. S will turn seven in six months’ time while R will turn two in a couple of months’ time. Both of them get to bed the same time every night save for the odd days when S stays awake for a few hours longer. R sleeps for a couple of hours in the morning too. So the average time they sleep would come to 9 hours for S and 12 hours for R, give or take an hour.

It is just a few hours after they are sound asleep that things get interesting. When one of them shifts to sleep on his left side, the other also does the same. When one of them turns to his right, the other follows suit. And when one of them turns to sleeping on his back, it is emulated by the other! There is a few seconds’ difference between the exact moments these happen and there are differences also in who starts the sequence. But it does happen 9 out of 10 times which is a very high probability and that is what excites me.

The other thing is the position of their hands and legs. They are uncannily similar. Sometimes they stretch their hands outwards while at other times they are tucked behind the head. The legs sometimes extend straight while they also kind of cross their legs in such a way that one of the legs appear at a right angle while the other is bended at the knee. Sometimes when I remark to my wife about these patterns, we both can’t help smiling because it appears as if their brains are programmed the same way. Call me stark raving mad or what you will, but it’s true even though it may give you the creeps.

I guess this shows that children of a particular age group could display the same sleeping characteristics. I’m not sure if science has made studies on this particular aspect, though there are a lot of studies on sleeping in general. It would be extremely interesting and gratifying to find a study that explains my boys’ sleep patterns. No matter what, we (my wife and me) continue to enjoy those moments. It reassures us they are meant to be brothers! 🙂



I'm an avid reader and writer. Reading gets me a feeling of understanding the world through different perspectives and writing helps me outline my thoughts from the cobwebs that the mind has trapped it in!

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