#366days366posts – Day 26 – The discerning death

Ominous sounded the phone ring;
Cold shivers went down her spine.
Memories of a score years back,
Flashed in a moment of despair.
It’s over, said the caller’s voice;
Slumped she, on the chair beside.
Only sixteen, was his time now?
Oh death, selective you are so!
Does he pick and kiss at random?
Or does the reaper know his harvest?
Robbing a life just starting to bloom;
Unfair it is on so many counts.
Whom Gods love die young they say,
But the kin – devastated they are!



I'm an avid reader and writer. Reading gets me a feeling of understanding the world through different perspectives and writing helps me outline my thoughts from the cobwebs that the mind has trapped it in!

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