#366days366posts – Day 21 – The peanut vendor

A packet of peanuts, please,” Sahil requested the peanut vendor.

“Just a moment, sir” he replied calmly.

Sahil noticed that a baby girl was asleep on his shoulders. He handed some freshly roasted peanuts to Sahil.

“That will be ten rupees, sir”

Sahil took out his wallet and realized that he did not have change. He handed a fifty rupee note to the vendor.

“Can you please hold my daughter for a second while I take change from the box under the cart? I don’t want to wake her up. She fell asleep only a few minutes back” the vendor pleaded.

Sahil was at a loss for words. He left the stall without collecting his change. As he walked to his car, he heard the vendor calling out to him aloud.



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