#366days366posts – Day 19 – Imagining life in outer space

An ear infection kept me at home for the second consecutive day. I am unable to hear any sound unless they are at higher decibel levels. A week of antibiotics is what the doctor ordered and here I’m, resting at home wondering when my ears will open again. I let my imagination run wild today – I had some of the most ridiculous thoughts ranging from how expecting mothers could reduce the time they need to wait to hold their baby in their arms to how it would be like to live in outer space. I’d rather dwell on life in outer space in this issue.

Since man was able to finally set foot on Moon in 1969, we humans have fancied how it would be to lead a life in outer space. Of course, our exploration into livable space pockets continues and with the advances scientists have made, the day will not be far when we will actually see human beings colonize space. It will certainly be a whiff of fresh air, literally as well as figuratively when that finally happens. I’m sure aliens do not welcome this prospect at all 🙂

Can we acquire land and construct houses in space? I guess since land in outer space is not ‘owned’ by anyone, it will be available free of cost. That’s important because construction of a house can cost a fortune in space what with all the paraphernalia one would need! Now, what will those houses look like? We should be able to see some cool, innovative designs including floating houses. My money is on houses that are circular in shape. It would be great fun to go round in circles in our own circular homes! There would probably be no need of staircases. We should comfortably be able to float upstairs rather than climbing the stairs. This should come as a big relief for people who have difficulty and abhor climbing stairs. 🙂

Food and other shopping will be fun in outer space, methinks. I’m not sure if we can get our regular staples and other stuff which we buy in Earth, over there. Companies can manufacture ready-to-eat-in-outer space food as well as other ‘human’ things and export it in the next rocket that flies into space. The rocket can probably dock in with the space-homes and deliver what each household wants. But then, there should be dedicated rockets as and when the human population in space increases. Taxmen will probably frown at such an arrangement for they will be stumped as to where the transaction will be taxed. There’s an easy solution – exempt space commerce from tax whatsoever! 😀

Space transportation will be equally funny as well. If we have floating houses, do we visit our neighbors and friends by floating towards them from the homes we live in? Or do we wear all those apparatuses, venture out and go knocking next door? We in India have a custom of removing our footwear before we enter our host’s place. Now that will be difficult in space, you know! As will be pecking on the cheeks and all related stuff – if you take off your helmet, you can kiss goodbye to life in space as well. Well, I think a sort of warning can be affixed to each space-home: Beware of pecking cheeks outside. Your head will blow off! 😀

Entertainment should not be too difficult. We could watch sporting events happening in Earth on those screens inside the space-homes. We could even have space sports – space soccer, space karate and the likes of which we have played only computer games! What will be the space soccer association be called – Federation of Space Soccer Players or Space Soccer Association? Hope Sepp Blatter doesn’t take charge of it. We want a clean sporting body, right? How do we get Rihanna to perform? Will she sing with a space suit on? It would be mind blowing to have a floating crowd swaying along to the music – quite a priceless moment!

Life might be unimaginably altered in outer space. When we think about what it might be to live  there, some of the consequences can be hilarious! That’s probably because it’s a huge unknown at this moment. I do hope human occupation of outer space isn’t an invasion and we do resort to living in space only as a last resort.



I'm an avid reader and writer. Reading gets me a feeling of understanding the world through different perspectives and writing helps me outline my thoughts from the cobwebs that the mind has trapped it in!

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