#366days366posts – Day 1 – Why we celebrate New Year’s Day

Today is the first day of 2016. It also happens to be the first day of my #366days366posts challenge. Writing has always been a passion for me but for many reasons including laziness, I don’t write as much as I should or as much as I want to. So I resolved towards the end of 2015 that I would challenge myself in 2016 for a unique challenge – writing a post here for all days of the year. That would be 366 posts by the last day of 2016. I’m all excited about this challenge and God willing, will be able to complete this!

I’m sitting in front of my computer with a burning forehead – the fever, however, is not going to deter me from writing my first post of this challenge. Today, I choose to dwell on why people celebrate New Year’s Day. A complete orbit of the Earth around the Sun takes one year or 365 days and a little. It’s a never-ending process (hopefully, for many more years) and each day is fresh with new hopes and new challenges. But there is so much more happening as the 365th or 366th day ends and a new orbit cycle is initiated. We wave away the past year – “Oh, that was such a bad year for me. Hope the next would be better” or we wish the year had not ended – “My goodness, I had such a fantastic year, it all comes to an end today and I don’t know what’s in store for me next year!”. People make new resolutions for the new year – whether they meet it or not is a different thing altogether. What drives people to be at the peak of their spirits just before a year sets before their eyes and just after a new year dawns?

The answer is really difficult. I think human beings are eternal optimists. The percentage of optimism one has increases manifold as we prepare to welcome the new year. It’s magical, sometimes. It’s purely a trick of the mind at other times. But whatever the reason, the spirits are high. A journey to an unknown land makes our mind tingle. By the same token, the mind becomes excited at what could be in store during the forthcoming year. It’s surprising then that the most die-hard of pessimists feel that there is something to hope for in the new year. If we all could just sustain those hopes throughout the year, the world would definitely be a better place to live, methinks!

I also think man also wants to wipe out his memories, especially the bad ones. To forget is a little difficult, but if we get a pile of good memories to add to our brains, that could very well be enough to keep the bad ones under. And what better memory to have than spending time with your near and dear ones and celebrating the new year! We think the good memories of the new year’s day will be a harbinger of the umpteen good memories that will flow.  So celebrating new year’s day kind of acts as a wonder drug to delete your memories and start with a clean state. Interesting!

Finally, we have thoughts at the back of our minds that we will be a year older in the new year. Age is perhaps the best reminder to us of our capabilities, our goals, our ambitions and our desires. A year older probably makes us a year wiser. We affirm ourselves that this will be the year we will definitely work to achieve our dreams. Looking ahead, the sight of time catching up with you makes you dig deeper, shed your procrastination and your laziness and have a stern resolve to make your life count. That determination pours forth on new year’s day – it’s a celebration of that new-found desire, the eagerness to travel that extra mile towards your dreams.

It’s a good day outside with plenty of sunshine but just a tad too warm for my liking. Had a good time with the kids a while back in spite of being under the weather. As the afternoon makes way for the evening and my wife comes home, I hope I will feel even better. So have a good new year’s day, you all!!!



I'm an avid reader and writer. Reading gets me a feeling of understanding the world through different perspectives and writing helps me outline my thoughts from the cobwebs that the mind has trapped it in!

2 thoughts on “#366days366posts – Day 1 – Why we celebrate New Year’s Day

  1. I agree. Like Julian says in The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, one must have some emptiness in the cup if we have to fill it with water, so we need to empty the old year and the parts we don’t want, if we have to welcome what the New Year has in store for us. 🙂


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